How We Operate

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic is owned and operated by several local Veterinarians. This group of Veterinarians established the Emergency Clinic in 2004 in order to better provide Abilene and the surrounding areas with after hour emergency veterinary care. We are open when your regular Veterinarian is closed and we are closed when they are open. We work with your day practice to provide your pet with 24-hour care by being available when they are closed and transferring our hospitalized patients back to them when they open back up. We share detailed records, diagnostic and imaging results with your Veterinarian so they will be up to date on the details of your pet’s visit with us. The examination and consultation with our Veterinarian costs $125 before midnight and $200 after midnight and until we close for the day (12a-7:30a.) We will provide you with an itemized estimate of all diagnostics and treatments the Veterinarian recommends before any treatment is performed.

Our staff is prepared for almost any emergency your pet may experience. We are equipped to work fast and efficient when time is of the essence. Be assured that all critical patients take priority no matter what your order of arrival to our facility may be. We have an in-house laboratory and onsite imaging that allows us to have your pet’s diagnostic results the same day of your visit.

Our entire team puts the needs of your pet firsts and believes TLC to be one of the most important and effective medications. We treat all our patients as if they are our own fur babies and always have their best interest in mind. Our Veterinary team is highly skilled, experienced and compassionate. We are here for you and your pets should an emergency situation occur.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday – 6pm – 7:30am
We open Friday at 6pm and stay open until Monday at 7:30am.
We are open for every major holiday.